Gardens from Eden can provide a range of unique consultancy options to both the general public and industry specific clients. These may range from a one hour garden consult to an extensive management programme. Gardens from Eden are available to consult in any of the following areas:

  • Garden design ideas and advice.
  • General garden advice including plant selection, pest and disease identification and control, troubleshooting problems, selection and sourcing of landscaping materials, products and structures.
  • Fruit and vegetable production for the home garden and commercial properties including organic.
  • Fertilizer and production programs for home gardens and commercial businesses including fruit, vine and vegetable growers, plant production nurseries and wholesalers.
  • Garden maintenance programs including pruning and watering requirements.
  • Soil improvement and analysis.
  • Advice on irrigation and sustainable waterwise solutions.
  • Staff development and training.
Design, Construction, Consultancy & Maintenance