Garden Week 2002

Designed by Colin Barlow of GFE the aim of the garden was to illustrate the story of the Western Swamp Tortoise' the most endangered tortoise in the world. Artworks including paintings and totem poles were provided by the local Nyoongar community. A 5.5 tonne floating granite sphere, one of the biggest ever made represented the shell of the tortoise and silver bush plants the legs. Tumbled glass represented the sand and a striped snake path was created using arched pavers. Gazebos and brushwood arches complemented the large Kingia australis that guided visitors along the winding pathway. Grafted pink flowering Eucalyptus hybrids created a stir as they lit up the display. Both native and exotic plants were used to evoke the colours that aboriginal people traditionally use in paintings. The garden was awarded a Gold Medal in the display garden category and was constructed with the help of students from The Challenger Institute of Technology

Design, Construction, Consultancy & Maintenance